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Human Resources Management

We adhere to the idea that “people are the foundation of all activities” and thus the “people-oriented” philosophy is strictly followed from top to bottom in Archecircuit.

Looking after our employees is of the utmost importance and our priority is to create value for customers while maintaining healthy minds and bodies, as we strive to fulfill your needs to the best of our ability.

All production tasks must follow the “Employee Implementation Standards” and each staff member has been meticulously trained.
Preventing and avoiding quality issues is the major thing, but when issues of quality arise, we prioritize dealing with them, and then analyze responsibility and gain knowledge to avoid similar incidents and improve the workflow to guarantee a higher qualification rate.

Human Resources Management
Quality Management System

Quality Management System

As we all know, QUALITY is the most important thing of a product, therefore our QMS plays a big role from the beginning to the end.
1. In the first step of PCB manufacturing process, our Quality Assurance department chooses to purchase PCB base material from leading enterprises;
2. QA department has a standardized production process and detailed work instructions for each process of the production line , to ensure the correct implementation of operation specifications and standards;
3. Quality Control department sets up testing procedures in each process, including automatic testing, semi-automatic testing and manual testing;
4. After the production of the whole batch of printed circuit boards is completed, QC department will also make a sample check. The batch of boards can be dispatched from factory only when the pass rate of sampling inspection reaches the standard.
Archecircuits are responsible for the quality of every single printed circuit board.

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