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Brand Story

What did you think of when you first saw the name "Archecircuit" ?

Yes, “circuit” represents the product field we are engaged in. What about “Arche”?

You can find the answer on Wikipedia.

“In Ancient Greek philosophy, an arche is a first principle from which other principles are derived.”

“Arche is an Ancient Greek word with primary senses ‘beginning’, ‘origin’ or ‘source of action’.”

Archecircuit Logo

The PCB board is the starting point, origin and first element of all electronic products, this is what Archecircuit aim to provide, just like the foundation of a house is the most important for a lasting structure.

The capital “A” is our goal, to be the first and best.

As we make the most fundamental circuit boards, carry the responsibility for all electronic products while aiming on the greatest quality.

Furthermore, we prioritize people in our philosophy.

Human beings are the foundation of all actions, and you have the power to build your own world through your actions. Look, our logo expresses this meaning. A small man sat there, extending the circuit from his head, and the infinite extension of the circuit constitutes the electronics industry.

So, value yourself and believe that you have the power to create anything,and grow with Archecircuit together.

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