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Archecircuit Multilayer FR4 PCB fabrication Procurement HASL Industrial Control

Multilayer printed circuit boards 6 layers

Layer Count1-32 Layers
MaterialFR-4 (Tg 135 / Tg140 / Tg155 / Tg170/ As you required)
Rogers / PTFE Teflon
Surface FinishingHASL/OSP/Immersion Gold(FR4)
Printed Wiring:Pattern Plating
Max. Dimension660×475mm
Min. Dimension5×5mm
Finished board thickness:0.2mm-3.0mm
Thickness Tolerance:
( Thickness≥1.0mm)
± 10%
Thickness Tolerance:
( Thickness<1.0mm)
± 0.1mm
Finished Outer Layer CopperDouble sided: 1 oz/2 oz/3 oz/4 oz
Multilayer: 1 oz/2 oz
Finished Inner Layer Copper0.5 oz/1 oz/2 oz
Drill Hole SizeDouble sided: 0.20mm – 6.30mm
Multilayer: 0.15mm-6.3mm
Drill Hole Size TolerancePad Hole: +0.13/-0.08mm
Pressure Welding Hole: ±0.05mm
Blind/Buried ViasDon’t support
Min. Via Hole Size/Diameter1 & 2 Layer: 0.3mm(Via hole size) / 0.5mm(Via diameter)
Multi-Layer: 0.15mm(Via hole size) / 0.25mm(Via diameter)
Via diameter should be 0.1mm(0.15mm preferred) larger than Via hole size
Preferred Min. Via hole size: 0.2mm
Min. Plated Slots0.35mm
Min. Non-Plated Slots0.65mm
Plated Half-holeHole Size: ≧0.15mm
Pad to Board Edge:≧1mm
Min. Size of Board: 10*10mm
Min. Trace width and spacing(1 oz) 0.075/0.075mm (3mil/3mil)
Min. Trace width and Spacing(2 oz)0.16/0.16mm (6.5mil/6.5mil)
Min. Trace width and Spacing(2.5 oz)0.20/0.20mm (8mil/8mil)
Min. Trace width and Spacing(3.5 oz)0.25/0.25mm (10mil/10mil)
Min. Trace width and Spacing(4.5 oz)0.30/0.30mm (12mil/12mil)
Trace Tolerance±20%
Pad to Track≧0.1mm (≧0.09mm BGA)
Min. Annular Ring (1 oz)Double sided: 0.25mm preffered (Limit 0.18mm)
Multilayer:      0.20mm preffered (Limit 0.15mm)
Min. Annular Ring (No copper)0.45mm
BGAPad diameter:≥0.25mm
Spacing between line to pad: ≥0.1mm
(Multilayer: ≥0.09mm)
Solder mask Colorgreen,purple, red, yellow, blue, white, and black.
Solder mask Opening/ Expansion0.05mm
Solder mask ink Thickness≧10um
Min. Solder Bridge WidthDouble sided: 0.10mm(green)
Multilayer:    0.08mm(green)
Min. Line Width≧0.15mm
Min. Text Height≧1mm
Pad To Silkscreen≧0.15mm
RoutingTrace to Outline: ≧0.3mm
Tolerance: ±0.2mm(Once) ±0.1mm(Twice)
V-CutTrace to Outline: ≧0.4mm
Tolerance: ±0.4mm (Board Thickness ≧0.6mm)

Archecircuit PCB and Industries

How Archecircuit PCB work in Industrial Control System:

  1. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller):PLCs are a core component of industrial control systems, often including a PCB for controlling and monitoring machinery and processes.
  2. Sensors and Measurement Instruments: Various types of sensors, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, etc., typically use PCBs to convert and process sensor data.
  3. Power Supply Units: PCBs in power supply units stabilize and distribute power to ensure the proper operation of devices and systems.
  4. Control Panels and Operator Interfaces: Industrial control systems often include control panels and operator interfaces that use PCBs to support functions like buttons, displays, LED indicators, and more.
  5. Communication Modules:Communication modules used for data communication, such as Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, etc., often include PCBs to facilitate data transfer to other devices or systems.
  6. Motor Drives: PCBs in industrial motor drives control motor speed and direction for precise motion control.
  7. Data Acquisition and Logging Devices: Devices used for collecting, logging, and analyzing process data typically include PCBs to support data transmission and storage functions.
  8. Safety Systems: Systems for monitoring and controlling safety, such as fire alarm control panels and intrusion detection systems, often include PCBs for processing sensor data and executing appropriate actions.
  9. Industrial Automation Equipment:Industrial automation equipment, including robotic arms and automated production lines, often includes PCBs to control and coordinate the movement and operations of various components.
  10. Instruments and Display Devices:Instruments and display devices used to show process parameters and data typically include PCBs to support visual representation of information.
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